Podium Women

1st: Julia Placek 🇦🇹
2nd: Melina Mahlknecht 🇦🇹
3rd: Lea Schairer 🇩🇪
4th: Aldana Bertran 🇦🇷

Podium Men

1st: Alex Mizurov 🇩🇪
2nd: Alex Decunha 🇬🇧 (on the left ;) )
3rd: Levi Löffelberger 🇦🇹
4th: Lewis Gerry 🇬🇧

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VVT Landhausplatz Game of SKATE

● Landhausplatz ●

The infamous spot

The plaza in the middle of the city is an internationally renowned architecual masterpiece. The unique curvy concrete offers skateboarders endless lines through different transitions. However, the most iconic spot is the perfect flat area just in front of the monument, which has become the heart of the Tyrolean skateboard community.

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The best way to get to all the other amazing skate spots around Tyrol

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Please use public transport to visit us

We are committed to make our event as environmentally friendly as possible. That's why we kindly ask you to travel to Landhausplatz via bus, train, bike (enough bike racks on-site), foot or skateboard.
It's only 200m from the Innsbruck main station and we would like to reserve the few parking spots for people with special needs.

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